Databit Password Manager Product 2

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All Licenses Include Lifetime Updates!

Licensed for 1, 3 or 5 PC’s

  • Keep your Passwords, Identities and Credit Card data secure and close to home with Databit Password Managers easy to use interface and extremely secure encryption technologies.
  • Quickly access your accounts from your system tray (notification area) with additional Quick Password security when needed.
  • Login to your accounts securely with R.P.I. (Random Pattern Input). Helps to prevent key-loggers & clipboard loggers from seeing your passwords during login.
  • No integration with your browser is required, which keeps your data disconnected from the internet and cloud services.
  • Keep your data 100% under your own control and back it up safely wherever you’d like with our three-layer encrypted automatic backups.
  • Simplify setup of your Password Group databases and Accounts using our Wizards – even register your accounts online with the Internet Registration Wizard.
  • Our new Popular Website Wizard allows you to quickly setup a popular website in just a few clicks. Choose from over 100 of the most popular websites.
  • Not only does Databit Password Manager make your online accounts setup easy, you can also setup Desktop Application Logins with ease using our Password Account Wizard. 

Works with:   Windows 11     Windows 10    Windows 8    Windows 7

  We make Password Management Simple and Secure!