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Version Release Notes

NOTE: If you are running this software on a Windows 7 PC, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the latest available Windows 7 updates installed.

Version 1.1859

Release date 6/16/2023

Improved – Modified code for the “Quick-Login” dialog for faster more efficient operation when logging into an account from the system tray

Improved – Made some minor improvements to the Installer application

Fixed – Removed a minor bug that was introduced in version 1.1858

Version 1.1858

Release date 6/12/2023

Improved – The “Popular Website Account” wizard has been improved for a better user experience and we’ve added 2 new accounts – and

Improved – Added the [Shift+Tab] key to the virtual key assignments in the key picker for Advanced login.

Improved – Made some minor visual improvements to the interface.

Fixed – The LastPass Import wizard needed some minor changes.

Fixed – The value to show or hide the “Save Edits” dialog was not being set properly when logging out and then back into a Password Group database. 

Fixed – Several of the Popular Website logins were not working due to changes with their websites.

Version 1.1853

Release Date 4/18/2023

Improved – Upgraded internal security. Additional timeout value added to App Timeout in the program settings.

Fixed – Minor bugs removed that were in version 1.1852

Version 1.1852

Release Date 3/31/2023

NEW – Added a scheduler to the Application Backup dialog. You can now set it and forget it; your full application backups will run automatically according to the schedule you set. Activate it from the home screen’s tools menu.

Version 1.1850

Release Date 03/20/2023

Important Update:

We have moved our website to some new web servers. Our new servers are faster and more reliable, however in the process of the move, we had to re-engineer some of our license activation and version update software to work with the new servers. In order to activate your license and receive update notifications, you will need to install version 1.1850 or later. 

Version 1.1849

Release Date 12/16/2022

Improved – Minor improvements to the interface.

Fixed – Minor bugs removed that were in version 1.1847

Version 1.1847

Release Date 12/11/2022

NEW – 30-Day Trial option. Evaluate the full version with all free limitations removed for 30 days.

NEW – The application will now hide to the System Tray after 10 minutes of idle time, or the specified timeout selected from the Settings menu.

NEW – Added the option to show or hide the “Save Edits” notification in the Password Accounts window.

Improved – made some minor improvements to the interface.

Version 1.1833

Release Date 11/11/2022

Improved – Replaced some Icons in the Accounts window for a better user experience.

Fixed – some minor display issues with the Advanced Login in the Accounts window.

Version 1.1832

Release Date 11/9/2022

Improved – Redesigned the Accounts window for a better user experience.

Improved – Removed the Advanced Login checkbox and added a ‘Show/Hide Advanced’ button on the account’s login tab.

Improved – The speed at which the credentials are input on the login page has been increased.

Fixed – Due to a Windows 10 update, a Databit Password Manager security process could be activated on some computers running Windows 10, when it should not have activated. This process would shut down the software for security purposes.

Version 1.1829

Release Date 10/30/2022

NEW – Added a Save Edits button to the Password Accounts tabbed form. You can now choose to Save or Cancel recent changes made; the record will still be auto saved if you navigate away from the tabbed form.

Improved – Added some new images for the home screen display and slide show and removed some old images.

Improved – The maintenance system has been improved for better performance.

Fixed – When creating a new Password Group database with only a single record and then making that record a favorite, it wasn’t displaying the group on the System Tray.

Fixed – some minor display issues that would only be noticeable on slower computers – other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1823

Release Date 10/19/2022

Improved – Modified the Hover Help system for a better user experience.

Improved – Optimized the error checking system for better performance.

Improved – Optimized all timing code for better performance.

Version 1.1822

Release Date 10/18/2022

Improved – Changed some interface colors for better contrast between the Category list and the Account list.

Fixed – During some file select operations, the Cancel Edits button would be displayed when no edits had occurred.

Version 1.1821

Release Date 10/17/2022

After the last major update of Ver. 1.1819 we had to make a few changes and fixes:

Improved – Made some minor improvements and adjustments to the display interface.

Improved – Added some new photos for the slide show and removed some older ones.

Fixed – A bug in the startup code which could cause some display issues on low resolution monitors.

Fixed – An issue where the Synchronization Check Timeout was not working correctly.

Version 1.1819

Release Date 10/11/2022

NEW – Added the option to change the font size throughout the application. Simply select the small, medium or large font size from the application settings on the home screen.

NEW – Application Backup and Restore. You can now backup the entire application from the Tools menu on the home screen. This eliminates the need to restore each database separately and is intended to be used in the event of a computer change or hard disk failure. All of your application settings, all databases and their settings are backed up with three-layer encryption to the location of your choice.

NEW – Added ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ buttons to the accounts window to give the user the ability to move back and forth through all accounts visited during a session.

Improved – We’ve increased the overall size of the application for better viewing. The increased space between objects along with font sizing, makes for a much improved interface and visual display on any standard size monitor and resolution.

Improved – Your account passwords are no longer limited to 25 characters, you can now have account passwords up to 40 characters in length.

Improved – The Quick-Login feature has been optimized for faster and more secure performance when logging into your accounts.

Improved – Timing code within the application has been optimized to prevent lag on slower computers when in the accounts window.

Improved – We’ve changed the default Quick-Login dialog delay from 2 seconds to .5 seconds. Any new accounts created will be set to a .5 second delay. You can still change the delay if needed.

Improved – We’ve tested all import wizards for proper operation and made some changes. We’ve also added the option to import from KeePass versions 1 and 2.

Improved – The photo importer will now remember the path to the last picture/s imported while the application is running.

Improved – The credit card form will now display the status of an expired card.

Fixed – Searching for an account did not always work when pressing the magnifying glass.

Fixed – The Quick-Login dialog delay was not working correctly when logging in from the system tray (notification area).

Fixed – The account password expiry status was not being refreshed properly after deleting an account.

Ver. 1.1743

release date 3/8/2022

Fixed – Due to some changes in the LastPass export file, the

LastPass Import Wizard stopped working.

Ver. 1.1742

release date 3/4/2022

Updated the licensing / activation system for better performance.

Updated the license activation dialog boxes.

Other minor updates

Ver. 1.1741

release date 2/21/2022

Improved – Modified some security protocols for more efficient operation.

Improved – Automated some application settings for less user interaction.

Ver. 1.1740

release date 2/18/2022

Improved – Better high resolution monitor awareness on Windows 10.

Some minor improvements to the interface design.

Ver. 1.1738

release date 2/9/2022

NEW – Created a recovery system in the event of a power failure during a file operation such as synchronize

or restore, the database could be corrupted, the system will now recover to the last session backup.

NEW – Added a Cancel Edits button to the Password Accounts tab form.

You can now cancel all changes made on the tab form for a record.

The record is auto saved when you navigate away from the accounts tabbed form.

Improved – Created additional Security Protocols.

Improved – You can now select multiple photos when selecting photos to import.

The Photo Importer also now allows you to rotate your images before importing.

Improved – Made some minor interface improvements.

Fixed – Several of the Popular Website Logins were not working due to changes with the websites.

Fixed – An issue was introduced in version 1.1721 which broke part of the synchronization process.

Ver. 1.1721

release date 11/16/2021

NEW – Added the Popular Website Wizard – Choose from over 100 of the most popular websites

You can quickly setup and login to some of your favorite website accounts in just a few clicks!

Redesigned the software interface for a more professional look and feel

Added four more category lookups, Electronics, Music, Social Media & Sports

Fixed an issue where the Vivaldi browser was not working in Windows 8

Added an email drop down listbox to the Identity Add & Edit forms for the email fields

Added the ability to copy a password to the clipboard when generating a password with the Password Generator

Fixed an issue where the up and down indicators on the home screen would sometimes not render properly

Added maintenance code to remove all synchronization files older than 60 days

Fixed synchronization code to eliminate occasional hang when the sync dialog runs

Ver. 1.1654 release date 4/27/2021

Added support for the Brave browser – Brave version 1.23.73

Created the Databit Software A.M.S. (Automatic Maintenance System) – This will insure more efficient operation

when the software is left running for long periods of time

Ver. 1.1649 release date 4/7/2021
Made improvements to the Desktop Login Wizard for more efficient and stable operation
Made some minor display changes

Ver. 1.1647 release date 3/31/2021
Discovered an issue in the Password Account Wizard when running Windows 7 similar to the problem in the previous version 1.1646
This issue has been resolved

Ver. 1.1646 release date 3/30/2021
A Windows 10 update caused a process in the Password Account Wizard to stop working
This issue has been resolved
Changed the font on the category and account lists
An error was introduced in Ver. 1.1642
When trying to select a program startup file from the “Browse for Programs” button, it would fail
This issue has been resolved

Ver. 1.1644 release date 3/19/2021
After a Vivaldi browser update, the Vivaldi browser no longer worked with Databit Password Manager
Databit Password Manager will now work with older versions of Vivaldi and with the latest Vivaldi version 3.7.2218.45
This issue has been resolved

Ver. 1.1643
Added Databit Password Manager logo to start up screen
Fixed minor account heading display issue introduced in version 1.1642

Ver. 1.1642 and Later
New Improved Interface Design, More Intuitive and Nicer Looking Display – Try It Now!!

Ver. 1.1608
An issue was introduced in version 1.1607 that would cause the Password Accounts window to be locked out
whenever a dialog box was automatically closed on timeout
This issue has been resolved

Ver. 1.1607
A Quick Password could possibly be circumvented when another database was opened in the Password Accounts window
This issue has been resolved

Ver. 1.1606
Fixed issue with the Help Video window, where one of the buttons was pointing to the wrong video web page

Ver. 1.1605
Modified the “Quick Login” button
It’s now visible when only a password has been added, but no other credentials have yet been added
Made minor changes to the Hover Help System
Added 3 new images to the full version

Ver. 1.1604
Updated all import code for the latest software versions of KeePass, Keeper, LastPass & Sticky Passwords

Ver. 1.1603
Fixed minor issue in the Password Account wizard
Modified code in the Import operations
Added free version record counter

Ver. 1.1602
Unlocked multiple features in the free version
You can now login directly from the System Tray with your Favorite Accounts
You can now select the browser of your choice for every account
You can select to use the star icon or browser icon with your System Tray Favorites
The Account Registration Wizard is now available in the free version

Ver. 1.1599
Updated code in the Master Password Recovery system
Fixed issue where an occasional Windows network window would pop up on some computers when the licensing system was activated

Ver. 1.1598
Added a notification reminding the user to check the settings after installation of a copied database.
Made some changes to the Password Group Backup Dialog

Ver. 1.1597
Fixed issue where the Edge Chromium browser icon was not being displayed in the Group Settings dialog
Made changes to code for more efficient Auto Backup and Synchronization. -Full version only

Ver. 1.1592
Increased activation timeout by 5 seconds, to prevent occasional server timeout errors when activating the software license

Ver. 1.1591
IMPORTANT Update – If you have an earlier version installed, please download and install this update now
There was a slight chance of corrupting a data file through user interaction with a specific control on the Accounts window
This issue has been resolved.

Ver. 1.1590
Minor update to some of the context sensitive menus. Update to licensing activation system

Ver. 1.1589
Fixed minor rendering issue with home screen navigation buttons – Full version only

Ver. 1.1588
Minor update to free version

Ver. 1.1587
Fixed issue with version 1.1586 where the update reminder was displayed when there was not a new version available
Added Home page link to About window

Ver. 1.1586
Added ( new version ) Update Reminder / Link to Home Screen

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